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Today I contacted instacart customer service phone number and spoke to a representative regarding unauthorized charges on my bank account for $149 along with another one for $75 and two pending charges one for $75 and another for $95, amounts I never authorized. The representative told me I did authorize the $149 but that they will refund it because it was for the Instacart membership so he deactivated my Instacart account without my knowledge.

As I went to log in I noticed and asked him and he advised me he deactivated the account therefore I cannot even see the last receipt. I asked to speak to a supervisor regarding the other charges and the representative responded that there were none there at the time. I told him I would hold for one since it was an urgent matter, he told me he had answered all my questions and basically that was all he could do and he did not see any other charges from his end and to dispute the charges directly with my bank and hung up on me. I called back to have a different representative tell me he sees the charges but Instacart was having a problem with billing recently and that those charges would not post, however when I asked to speak to the supervisor once again he told me to hold, when he returned he said the supervisor said I have to write an email complaining about the unauthorized charges and also to re activate the account that they inactived because customer service doesn't have the authorization to reinstate an account.

All of it sounds like a scam.

I was really dissapointed and will submit this information to the better business bureau shortly. Hope this helps anyone who is considering giving them your credit card information.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I had one complaint about their service. There are three different Publix stores in my area.

One of these is less that 5 mins from my house, which I could go to myself but don't because they never carry any of the brands/products we need. I asked if they could go to a different Publix. After asking the shoppers, the other 2 Publix were much closer to the shopper's locations. However, the company refused to let the shoppers go to the other Publix.

I called and complained to customer service about the situation and they said there was nothing they could do about it.

They have now locked me out of my account., declining every credit card I have (despite the bank saying there is no problem) AFTER I spent 45 minutes shopping. My opinion NEVER USE INSTACART!

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