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In my complaint I said I sent an email to Shopper@***.net and that email is no good. I then tried to send it to Shopper@***.com and that also did not go through.

On the telephone message - there is no .com or .net - so, it is an email that is USELESS.


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I did NOT sign up for a Membership Express and was charged $149.00. When I saw this on my bank account I tried to reach Instacart.

No luck there. There is no way to reach CUSTOMER SERVICE. The website is so buggy that it is impossible to navigate. When I tried to send Instacart.com an email, the option I chose from drop down menu would not accept typing.

I finally did get an email address - through the telephone message - Shoppers@***.net - and the email went through, but I am wanting CUSTOMER SERVICE. I have tried to phone the company - 1-88*-246-**** about the above referenced issue. There is no way to reach this company. Here is the recording you will get: "Thank you for calling Shopper Happiness.

We are currently experiencing an unexpectedly high volume of calls and are prioritizing urgent calls only. Please email Shoppers@***t.? along with your inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible." What is "SHOPPER HAPPINESS"????

I did not sign up for a Membership Express. I want a full refund for the amount charged on my credit card and bank statement.


Monetary Loss: $149.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Instacart Pros: Having groceries delivered.

Instacart Cons: Fraudulent charge for membership i did not authorize, Totally disinterested customer service, Poor quality.

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

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Same thing happened to me, except it was charged to a credit card number that's not mine. I will be reporting this, so an innocent card holder doesn't get stuck with something fraudulent attached to my name.


Same thing happened to me. I had my bank put a block on any and all instacart charges.

I had to create an account to be able to contact customer service!!!

(So this company can charge your account but you can’t talk to them.) The only reason I caught this $107 charge is because my bank alerted me. Who knows how long they’ve been charging my account!


Yeah same here, noticed Instacart charge on bank card. Only used service once and it wasn’t Express service.

Signed up for trial back early in pandemic. Like many places they slide in auto renew without properly notifying you.

Didn’t even get an email of charges. These types of charges should be illegal.


They just charged me $99 for a membership that i do not know of.


When I logged on the Instacart on my PC I saw that they have been charging me $99.00 PER YEAR for an 'express membership' that i never signed up for. I hardly ever use Instacart and there are thousands of complaints online saying customers have been fraudulently charged these so-called membership fees.

I only ever use Instacart as a last resort if I need a few items quickly. this is outrageous.

I had no help from Customer Support. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and they are investigating this scam


I need help they just charged me 104 dollars for something I didn't give the ok for and I have no way of contacting them has anyone got through to them if so could someone help me with it


The same thing happened to me recently. How frustrating. I won't be using Instacart ever again once this is resolved.


I am currently putting a stop payment on a charge just made to my account, today!!!!! $107.17!!!!!

That I cannot afford!!!!!! I am so pissed right now! I may end up losing my job because that was part of my vehicle payment. No vehicle, no job.

I cannot walk 25 miles to and from work every single day!

This is a crime and someone needs to be punished! Grrrr........


I also have a charge for a membersip to Instacart that I di not apply for, no use sending emails they don't go through.Please help Blackie


I too was fraudulently charged a membership of $99! My bank reversed the charges and is investigating


yup..that's instacrap.. try working from the shopper side...only way to reach support is by text...

takes for ever. just a total pos company with absolutely no morals.


I also work for instacart, they have never paid me my tip check I have earned, only cash out.


I just used them to shop at Aldi's for me, I had 32 items in my cart at checkout. The total was $116.79 which covered my groceries, delivery, and a $10.00+ tip.

Now my bank account shows $135.00 taken out by instacart. It said this is just incase we run out of items and you replace them with something else. I never authorized that amount nor was I asked or told about it before hand.

That is $19.00 that I bet will take days or even weeks to get back! James


Their email address is help@***.com.


I just called their customer service number 1-88*-***-**** and it works, now I just need to see if the girl really canceled my membership!


THE WORST SERVICE EVER! I'm a senior citizen that doesn't drive and really need a grocery delivery service.

The girl had so much trouble finding the items I ordered (Kroger). It was like she had never been inside a grocery store before. Long, ugly story short, 5 hours later, I stopped hearing from her and couldn't reach her. Then I suddenly got a scripted msg saying my order was delayed 2 hours.

She sent me that message right before she walked out the door leaving all my groceries behind. I called the store mgr & was told she just up and WALKED OUT so the store immediately put everything back on the shelves. The Kroger mgr at the store could have cared less because instacart is a vendor. But if you have a problem with a Kroger delivery, you can call Kroger customer service and they WILL help you.

Their number is on their webite. They gave me a huge grocery credit, & had my order set up for redelivery within an hour. I had called instacart first and was told there was nothing they could do.

BUT the bottom line is that INSTACART is the WORST. Find a different way/option people.


I had a very similar experience. But they charged my c/card and never delivered the groceries and then canceled my order.

Could not reach anyone by any means.- phone - email.



This exact same thing just happened to me. And they wait until 3 or 4 am to make the charge go through. This is absolutely crazy


Same issue. $225 dollars. Unbelievable


I didn’t shop by instacart and I need to get 9.99 dollars back into my account

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