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Update by user Feb 07, 2018

In my complaint I said I sent an email to Shopper@instacart.net and that email is no good. I then tried to send it to Shopper@instacart.com and that also did not go through.

On the telephone message - there is no .com or .net - so, it is an email that is USELESS.


Original review posted by user Feb 07, 2018

I did NOT sign up for a Membership Express and was charged $149.00. When I saw this on my bank account I tried to reach Instacart.

No luck there. There is no way to reach CUSTOMER SERVICE. The website is so buggy that it is impossible to navigate. When I tried to send Instacart.com an email, the option I chose from drop down menu would not accept typing.

I finally did get an email address - through the telephone message - Shoppers@instacart.net - and the email went through, but I am wanting CUSTOMER SERVICE. I have tried to phone the company - 1-888-246-7822 about the above referenced issue. There is no way to reach this company. Here is the recording you will get: "Thank you for calling Shopper Happiness.

We are currently experiencing an unexpectedly high volume of calls and are prioritizing urgent calls only. Please email Shoppers@instacart.? along with your inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible." What is "SHOPPER HAPPINESS"????

I did not sign up for a Membership Express. I want a full refund for the amount charged on my credit card and bank statement.

Product or Service Mentioned: Instacart Customer Care.


Monetary Loss: $149.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Having groceries delivered.

I didn't like: Fraudulent charge for membership i did not authorize, Totally disinterested customer service, Poor quality.

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This just happened to me today as well. i spoke wiht someone earlier about cancellign this too.

to Anonymous #1613904

Happened to me as well.


The same happened to me. They took $112 from my account. Absolute scam.


they took money out of my account and i never clicked on it for membership


"INSTACRAP" needs to be investigated big time and and absolutely SHUTDOWN!!!


$149 was charged to my debit card without my approval or verification. Thankfully my bank recognized this as fraud so I'm square there but I had to cancel the card which means I have to go update all of my accounts associated with a new account number. A pain in the *** Instacart Scam Artists.


Same thing happened to me 2 times: they charged my credit card 2 times and I could not get in touch with anyone: total scam, terrible company!


Same thing happened to me, I ordered ONCE. and not even from them directly, it was from a local supermarkert that uses their service, I was not told about this membership, I was not notified that I will be charged, nor that I have any interest to join such a ripoff company2 weeks later and I see the $149 recurring charges, I just spoke with my bank and reported this as fraud, stopped and replaced my card and blocked any future transaction with instacartbe very careful when you shop

to Ahmed K #1525814

THANk you. This happening to me.

Cancel. The debit card o credit.

Cart. From acne supermarket.


I was charged $149 for a subscription that I never signed up for. I called the number in the Instacart app and the rep I spoke to said there was no record of the subscription or the $149 charge. I had to call Chase and report it as fraud.


They over charged my debit card, and I had to shut it down. Bad karma on them.


Laura do not use they charged me over 150 dollars too very bad company needs to be shut down


The same exact thing just happened to me. Has anyone had any luck getting a refund?

to Nell #1570851

Nope they communicated well until I had this issue and they said they dont refund. I will never order from these scammers again I had four different amounts on my account pending from them.

That I def did not authorize. The people that work in the customer service department don’t offer anything but a headache one girl even told me she was calling headquarters lol then the ghetto girl that came on the phone was supposed to be headquarters? Doesn’t everyone know how call centers work?

Lol I’m not dumb and they didn’t call headquarters they didn’t even wanna address the issue I had about an item being missing from my order. They took my money and got ghost.


They haven't stopped. JUST got an email saying I signed up and they charged me $149.

Excuse me? I haven't even ORDERED from them in a year!


The same thing happened to me!


The exact same thing happend to me!I was charged $149.00 membership that I did not ask for and I can not get in touch with anyone. Phones are. Customer care phone # Goes to a voice mail that says email them and hangs up ( I have called this number in the past and have spoken to domeone) I have e-mailed 5 times and no one has contacted me or sent my refund.I am very disoriented !I will cancel as soon as I get my money returned to me!


Same thing happen to be me. I checked my bank account and found that Instacart took 149.00 For an Annual fee that I never agreed To. I call them and they refunded my money back.

to Chicago43 #1584699

How long before you get your money back? It’s been 7 Days now since I called instacart and the guy processed my refund but until now I haven’t gotten my money back.


Try this number. There may be a wait time depending on the time of day, but it should be reasonable and they should eventually pick up.

It's 415-712-0314."Shopper Happiness" is just the corny little name they give for their "Support" team.Let me know what happens if for some reason you still don't get to speak to someone--you should--because I have another number for them but I don't think it's as good.Good luck! I hope you manage to get things worked out to your satisfaction.

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