Hi I reached out to someone in Instacart care I told him about the trouble I was having getting the receipt in BJs they wont bring up the receipt without a membership card number I tried everything else I tried transaction number I tried order number BJs cant bring up the receipts without membership ID number so in this kind of situation what can I do to prove evidence I talk to someone in Instacart care He told me that he looked over the conversation I had on November 18 with a instacart care representative about adding money to the card so I can purchase items for the customers that day that day like I explain to Instacart I had a lot of trouble with the card that day I went from register to register trying to swipe the card because it wouldnt go through finally it went through the guy added money and it went through but it looks like he never reported that he added money that day no the guy I talk to the other day told me that its $400 over but for the same day so like I said I had trouble at register is that they swipe in the car left or right I was in the store for one hour trying to get this items purchased so I can get it delivered to the customer Im trying everything I can doTo prove that it was a misunderstanding false claim The representative I talk to the other day told me he was going to send screenshots of proof of the chat I had with the Instacart care for November 18 about this transactions I just dont know if Instacart support team got them emails going back-and-forth with emails is really giving me a hold up on working for Instacart so I wWould appreciate If someone can get back to me as soon as possible so we can continue the process of what I need to do so I can continue Instacarting. Please help me out thank you

Location: Ossining, New York

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