So I was deactivated for apparently having another account with Instacart, which I most certainly did not. It was my first time working for them, I did find the whole ID verification to be off.

I needed my drivers license and my passport, as well as a 10 second video recording of the pieces of ID. Long story short, here I had a company have my banking info, my SIN, my passport info, my drivers license and my full name tell me I had another account with them. With people selling your personal information on the web now a days sent me into a panic. I tried to contact the company to find out if my information was compromised.

NEVER heard from them, and getting in touch with anyone was impossible. Only to find out the whole organization is operated by "shell staff" and only computer generated people on the other end. NO REAL PEOPLE! I did file a report with the RCMP with possible identity theft and fraud as well as reported all of my ID as compromised and replaced.

Don't waste your time trying to get reactivated, nobody on the other to reply and not worth risking someone (most likely) within the company selling your ID. Bottom line, they don't care.

User's recommendation: A FARC OF A COMPANY.

Instacart Cons: Joke of a company missguiding to ic.

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