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Didnt receive all my items I ordered so I want my money back I ordered 48 things of noodles and received 11 of them end it wasnt even the one I wanted so I would like a refund you guys can have your product back or if you dont wanna take it thats not my problem but I want my money back now like you guys made me pay a 799 delivery fee and wait two days to get the wrong item delivered on top of it only 11 items in the bag And I literally paid $30 to receive wet three dollars of what I ordered you guys need to refund me ASAP I will call corporate I dont plan on using Instacart ever again after this because this is ridiculous if you guys didnt have my items or if you were going to bring less than what I ordered I would expect somebody to contact me and tell me that not just leave a bag of half of what I ordered and think thats cool I dont know who my shop or was that he needs to be fired because I dont know why he would literally just bring me 11 out of the 40 of things I ordered but I would like to be contact ASAP I want my full refund back and thatll be the last youll hear from me but I am ridiculously mad right now

User's recommendation: Don’t let the shopper choose replacements.

Product or Service Mentioned: Instacart Delivery Service.

Location: Highland, California

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You used Instacart for Ramen noodles? RAFLMFAO.

Looking at your receipt you didn't pay for 40 "things" AKA packages of noodles. What does it matter what flavor??? All that crap taste alike. Cardboard noodles soaked with chicken bullion in hot water.

Do yourself a favor and buy yourself a loaf of wheat bread and jar of peanut butter if you can't afford real food that has some nutrition in it.

Peanut butter on wheat bread will at least give you some kind of protein and fill your belly. You could still actually afford a gallon of milk to wash it down with..

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