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Be aware the the ‘service fee’, always 10% of your delivery amount, is going as an automatic tip to your shopper. If you leave a tip, be aware you are leaving the shopper an addition to the 10% already being allotted to them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Instacart Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Shoppers/Delivery drivers do NOT get double tips! We're lucky at times we get tipped at all! Especially by rich businesses!


You selfish *** FIRST OF ALL. Shoppers (you know, the ones actually using their OWN car and pick up your groceries) DO NOT.

I repeat, DO NOT get anything from the service fee. Secondly, any ‘tip’ you add is STOLEN BY INSTACART. It’s been three weeks for me and I have yet to get a tip.

So guess what, my gas, my car, and my time means NOTHING to these disgusting people! So think about that next time before you start throwing a hissy fit about fees that WE NEVER SEE!!!


It's the oldest trick in the book. Get people hooked on your service, then start raising fees.

Now the service fee is mandatory, the delivery fee is mandatory, and how much is their markup on food, upwards of 40% or more. What a Third World ripoff artist the founder is. Double and triple charging for things.

Par for the course. And then lying about driver tips.


As a shopper for a long while now for Instacart, I can personally promise u that 10% they claim is a tip for us, is in fact NOT a tip for us. We don’t see a dime of that so if u don’t personally tip us, we don’t get anything for our work but a few cents of your items.

No hourly at all either. So please be aware to tip ur shopper personally.

We go through a lot ourselves and I can definitely relate on the frustration u have with the company and it’s not fair to any of us. It’s great u express ur concerns though bc people need to know.


I was under the impression that they had stopped doing this because it’s so misleading? But anyways, the service fee (no matter what Instacart claims) is NOT a tip.

The only tips we get are the ones in the actual tip box. Personally, I appreciate cash tips the most but either one makes your shopper feel warm and fuzzy.


Totally false. I’m a shopper.

I only get tipped if U TIP ME! I work hard and go above and beyond for my customers. I also tell them... that 10% goes directly to Instacart.

I don’t see one dollar of it. They keep it, as well as the lies they sell to the customer re: prices? I’ve even shopped an order for a friend because I was the closer shopper in their area? I found coupons for their order and guess what?

Instacart kept that money!!!! The savings didn’t go to my friend. Totally shady. They upcharge their customers as well.

You do NOT PAY yhe same as in the store. False advertising at its finest. Tip me or not tip me? I still provide the same service.

The crooks? That’s Instacart completely.


This isn’t true. The shopper does not get 10% and only gets tips if you tip!


The 10% service fee does not go to the shopper. The service fee goes straight to Instacart.

The shoppers never see that money. Do your research on Instacart backlash from shoppers. Instacart led customers like you to believe that the service fee was a tip for service. This is not the case.

That is why Instacart clearly states the difference between the fee and tips. Be grateful and tip your shoppers.

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