Please check your employees' mental status before you send them out to serve the public.

I spoke to someone who was supposed to be selecting and delivering my groceries after a whole week of waiting, maybe even more than a week as you guys were on strike at some point. We communicated over the phone regarding changes to the list.

After I spoke to her, I thought we were done and I went back to complete my work. When I returned to my device, I saw a long chain of chat of her trying to reach me. At some point, she finally realized that she should have been calling me so she made one phone call and didn't even leave a message. Perhaps she didn't get the option to leave a message as my phone didn't even ring.

The messages she left on the chat was not only disrespectful but insanely inconsiderate and inappropriate. She writes how she's not getting paid enough to do this, she accused me of refusing to answer the phone and she ended up putting off the order for another 4 days.

My perception of her is that she's not capable of reasoning. If I was talking to her on the phone about my order, why didn't she just redial my number to try to reach me again?

Why was she having a conversation with herself on the chat? All she had to do was call and if she couldn't get through, she could have set my stuff aside until the network was available.

User's recommendation: Do your research.

Product or Service Mentioned: Instacart Vehicle Driver.

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

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