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I used instacart for the first time yesterday and I am deeply disappointed. Due to a back injury at work I can't run errands for a couple weeks so I had my groceries delivered through instacart.

The delivery was on time but I was missing three of my 14 items, a total $20 of merchandise (a 60-pack of eggs, 6 sweet potatoes, 5 lb bag russet potatoes). I reported the theft and was repaid half the money on my original payment method, and the rest as a credit toward my NEXT instacart purchase. I also requested that they retract the delivery driver tip and reprimand him. But according to all the emails back and forth he was never punished.

So I basically lost $18 total- $8 of merchandise, an additional $4 for delivery, $3 for tip and $3 for a service fee when NO Services were rendered.

The worst part, after all the hassle and stress I still have to go back and pick up my own groceries! Needless to say I will never use their services again.

User's recommendation: Don't chance it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Instacart Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $18.

Preferred solution: I want the employee who stole my groceries to be fired. If I'd gone to the grocery store and an employee there had stolen my groceries after I'd paid for them he or she would be fired and likely brought up on charges..

Instacart Pros: Quick delivery.

Instacart Cons: Delivery drivers unethical, Dont fire people who steal your food so it keeps happening, No working customer service available by phone.

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Do u know the difference between refunded item and missing items? The store does not have everything you want all the time. You’re just being a Karen and yes please do your own groceries.

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