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To whom it may concern my name is Susan castro I worked with Instacart for three years Im a five star shopper on the platform. Now because they said they could not verify my photo they deactivated my account now Im unable to work this is not fair to me at all.

I have emailed Instacart trust team on several times in regards to this matter they are not responding back to none of my emails I have sent this is completely missed up this is how they treat there workers like seriously. I have five children to support and I have house to pay off every month to keep a roof over my familys head and food on the table and now I loose my job over something stupid like seriously. What makes it worse they dont respond back . So all Im ask is for my job to be given back to me so I can start working up on the platform again.

I really love putting my time and effort in working with Instacart . So if someone can hear me out that would be great. Now I have no job.

I even sent verification to the trust and safety team and still my account is not active yet. I can be called at 551-200-**** sincerely Susan castro

Location: East Orange, New Jersey

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