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INSTACART BROKE THE FIRE DEPARTMENT LAW by the shopper dropping off all groceries on the exterior steps and BLOCKING THE EXIT to get out of a two family house in an emergency. First place groceries were supposed to be brought to my door not dropped off on the staircase.

I have about 5 steps. Ice-cream melted. bananas brown, eggs cracked, sour cream crushed and open. I opened the package of franks and slim came out all over the place.

I got in touch with Costco thinking they might have a problem with an item. I was told it is due to very slow delivery which it was. Told delivery would be earlier and it was delivered later that stated by shopper. Costco said dispose of franks or give it to Instacart to return told it got to warm.

Now I asked about the pork tenderloin I bought, milk all the other items that needed refrigerating/freezing. Told do not use these Items. I called Instacart I will be waiting for a refund and watching for it. I now have to take items out to dispose of it.

I was counting on those items. Not sure I want to deal with Instacart anymore? I could of gotten sick on the food delivered to me. Instacart offered me $5.00 for my inconvenience, What, do you really know what they could do with that?

What I am also concerned about is I got up from picking items off the steps and the mail-man couldn't get up the steps he reached under the railing and handed me the mail. Mail-man not wearing a mask.

I tried to be careful due to my age and medical conditions and but in this position. If delivery was at the door I would have noticed the mail-man, as I have in the past when delivery left at the door and I would of went inside fast as I did in the past.

Location: Staten Island, New York

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