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First of all people need to stop concerning themselves with the amount of money other people are making. Instacart does not employee the drivers/ the people who deliver your items.

They are independent contractors who use their own car, gas, up keep so on. Even toll roads. They are not paid by the hour only on each delivery they do and its not 20-25 dollars. its under 10 dollars.

And for those of you who don't tip or tip 10% which is a shame, because even in restaurants its 25% you don't want to pay the person who did you a service. Anyone who says o, they got paid already I dont want to pay them twice is rude. You are not paying the delivery person because you are paying a surcharge to use the app, or any other fee, that the company wants you are only paying for your (items, groceries) That is nasty and rude not to pay someone who did a service you did not want to do. and for those who tip on the app, why not tip in the person hand.

Because who is to say that I get my tips from instacart. there have been several days where i see no tip. I have no way to see if you actual tip unlease they say I have tip. Instacart delivery drivers are people and not animals.

Instead you have customers being nasty, This is a one person job, and when you know what you order to sit on your *** and not help get your groceries to your door especially as a man is shamefull. Then not tip on top of it. Order 2 months worth of food and water not leave instructions how to get to you at night when office has closed. The people who live in high rise buildings your order is not the only order deliver person has in their car.

It is right for you to come to lobby to receive your items as you know your building and not right to walk blocks in your building to come to your personal door. the delivery is to the address of the building. These building are 5 blocks inside of a 1 to 2 block space. That is not right.

Also, having or knowing that your elevators do not work. or only go to certain floors, making driver late to next customer. when many of these building require key card. You also, know 8 out of 10 there is no parking, in your high rise building, priority is my personal car, no tickets, But what is even more shameful is the people who lie and say they had bad service, did not like the replacement, when you have the choice to choose your own replacement or refund.

You see every time something is scanned and can text the person shopping for you. so many chances. The shopper will not contact you unless it is something that is really different. There are also, those who don't respond when you ask if they want the something else that you picked.

Common sense is for the most part we try to stay with the same brand first. unless you say other wise or with what you want depended on the product, example, lactous, or unsweented may result in another brand. Also, the customers who lie and say something was missing or damaged, but did you return the product to the store or you wanted the money and the product.. right.

How can flat bread be damaged?? Get real. To say I did not look for a replacement is *** are you at the store, and would you have really accepted a replacement, Also, if you wanted more of one item and you only find one than apparently there was only one in the store and you was only charged for one. (1) don't go online saying the items is missing, when it is in-puted which you see also when it ask us for amount we put 1, also before you just go and try and call someone a thief how about check your receipt that is always provided in your bag.

unless your just a lie and cheat, and want to keep money and product. And if the product is scans its not the wrong item. just because you use the app to try something out and you don't like the way it taste does not mean its wrong item and you keep the product while asking for your money back. same goes for you organic people as far as fruit and veggies go, don't text in asking for something and say it doesn't have to be non organic, either one they have and then say wrong item.

you are lying. you think you hide behind your computer that includes job. does not make you a better person because someone is doing a service job. The biggest people who seem to be faking like they have money, with complaints shop at Whole Foods, and Giant.

Everyone already know whole food can be expensive. Also, is when you know you are having a delivery at night for you to be nasty and rude to leave all your outside lights to house off is disrespectful, rude, nasty, and dangerous. We don't care or know if you are not home and or your kids are there by themselves, you know you have the option to tell us to leave it and you know what time you set for the delivery. DO NOT PUT MY SAFETY AT RISK.

ALSO, de-icing your driveway and the sidewalk, you still be responsible if someone falls, SO if you want take care of my medical and possible the rest of my life be respectful. We just want to make the drop and keep it moving like any other delivery service, mailman, fedex, ups. so on. There are companies who deliver just water.

And for the business and churches also, TIP Your Happy shoppers. (delivery people) Kudos, and thank you to all the positive and supportive customers. Those who interact and send text message when they see something they don't like, want to know, or need. We are not mind readers just here to help.

Don't like about instacart is how they try to run your gas out by sending you 7 to 10 miles to a store or drop to someone house. sometimes suggesting sending you to a store past the person house to come back.


Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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You literally took the words right out of my mouth!! These customers have no idea what we go through.

And THEIR the ones who CHOOSE their replacements themselves Incase something is out of stock and have the nerve to complain that it was “a poor replacement” are u kidding me?! They CHOSE THAT REPLWACMENT THEMSELVES! And for the people who don’t even care that we carry such heavy cases of water (one time I had to carry 18 cases of water up to the 4th door with no dolly) when the customer told me there was and to park at the loading dock just to come out to a $100 ticket! These customers seriously have NO IDEA what we go through.

And then to not tip. It’s always the people we do the most work for that never tip and the people who make it so easy for us that DO tip. Those customers make working for instacart miserable.

Truly miserable. It’s so selfish.


Seriously, how come Instacart encourages cheating? So many people lie about "missing" items, and Instacart is okay with all that money being stolen from them.

Instacart, those *** bags are still gonna want their Hot Pockets brought to them, even if you don't give them every other item for free. Maybe you could even use that money to pay your shoppers a little more.

And yeah, non tippers should go ahead and drive to the store themselves. Instacart is super cheap, we depend on tips!


Omg! You just summed up my whole entire world!!

God bless u and couldn’t agree more!! Same in Kansas!


Preach on!! Cheap *** people who refuse to even give a couple of bucks!

I know everyone thinks of themselves as snowflakes but come on! TIP! Perhaps they have forgotten what it’s like to actually work for a living. Times are tough and most people can’t afford to ever treat themselves.

A tip allows a person to have a few extra dollars to maybe buy a lunch. Let’s face it though most people are so damn selfish that thinking of someone else is difficult.


Why haven’t anyone responded to this, I’m reading this and wanting to clap my hands so loud at the same damn time, this is everything I want to say and more. Wow impressive and the passion and honesty is brilliant! Why isn’t this being shared, why is there no other comments on this!



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