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I have been a customer of Instacart for a month and a half. I am just finding out how you treat your shoppers.

Now am finding out you place your shoppers at risk simply because you dont give a damn. That is disgraceful. I have always tipped very generously because I can. But you people offer these workers no support.

You are just now offering hand sanitizer, mask and gloves. Some of the shoppers proclaim it is still difficult to receive these items from you. A few of your shoppers have contracted Covid-19 with no assistance from you and perhaps pass it on to customers. This is TOTALLY DISGUSTING AND DISGRACEFUL !!!!

I am 74 and feel like dropping you people. What possible reason do I have to do business with you even though your profits have increased by 350%. I think I would rather starve to death rather than have you keep screwing your workers at the expense of the all mighty dollar. You are careless and callus.

This would make a great headline story in the media.

And I DO know many persons in the media I could call and relate this subject, maybe it would make national news. That would allow other companies to enter this business and maybe they would not put profits over safety and health and think more of their shoppers.

User's recommendation: Tip your shoppers well or don’t use Instacart.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Instacart Pros: Few past problems but this issue negates it.

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