im still wondering and frustrated my i account can deactivated. because i work intacart 3 more i and i always try my best for everything for both intacart and customer but i donk know what happen with this customer they say i not delivery shoppers for them.

this is not true because i remember and make sure when i drop shoppers i always double check item and then.. when i shopping at store i always choice the best one meat or food anything item for customer because i love this job. but i dont what happen with this customer they suspend me and say me dont have delivery shoppers for them, i never take anything item from customer because i have work and i have money to buy it. thay way im feel this case is not fair for me.

because im responsible for my job this job really important for me because i have take for my family that way im still frustrated with this case can happen to me. im hope you guys can give justice with this case

thank you

User's recommendation: i hope customers don’t judge shoppers because sometimes the store no more stock item the shoppers can’t do anything.

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