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I had two batches this morning it took almost three and a half hours to complete the reason instacart put the wrong addresses for each customer they had put in a for B &;;; B proceed so when I delivered to one address was supposedly before customer number A it was the wrong address.. so I contacted customer care and they're sure me to take the orders to where they're supposed to be so I had to go all the way back to Marietta Georgia which took me 25 minutesthen turn around and go back to Kennesaw Georgia to drop off customer B groceries now it has been a very bad experience for me because now the groceries are not in the right I got deactivated and it wasn't my fault I have screenshot the addresses I was supposed to be go to and I was in the right place it was the app gave me the wrong addresses to the different places

Preferred solution: I would like to be reactivated.

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