My account was deactivated for no reason, I got no notice beforehand and no one said anything to me about this happening. I've been working for Instacart since April and I even got an emailed schedule for last week before I went into my app to see if I could pick up any hours and found it deactivated.

I've tried emailing someone in HR, with no response, and I've contacted Support three times, with all three people telling me they would escalate my problem to someone higher to get it resolved, and nothing has happened except my background check apparently has been reported as not going through even though it did, because I was working there. I emailed the proper email address, background@***.com with my background check attached, proving it was cleared, and I really just want to get my account back up and working so that I may resume working. I really love this job and I really need it as I have bills I need to pay. Please help me to get this fixed, I really just want to get back to working.

Thank you for your consideration! Please get back to me.

soon. soon.

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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