Placed a COSTCO order in the am with 5 hr delivery got email running late will be by 4 pm .Then online tracking on their site 5, pm,6 ,7 then 8:30 pm (the food was for New Years eve and day . last eta was Jan 2nd with no time to go else ware .

Kept me on the hook for 5 hours after the original delivery time . If i could give them less than 1star I would . all they had to do is cancel me in when it was early enough to buy else ware To me they are making a killing in the Pandemic and taking advantage of people forced to have food delivered . I heard from 2 different agent 1on email said it was delivered at 2 pm (Lie and I sent their one and only delay email ) the other offered $50 credit .

I have have had missing items and unordered items before and put up with it but this is unforgivable . No excuse

User's recommendation: Avoid if you can .

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