My grocery of choice is Shaw's of Berlin, VT. I started with Instacart 8-10 months due to Covid-19 concerns.

The Shoppers have been Good-Excellent, EXCEPT - they are not given the details for my groceries which Instacart solicits from me on their website, hence I am not able to purchase from the Meat, Fish or Deli Departments because their products are blank on the Instacart/Shaw's website. I have repeatedly requested, on the website, by text and on the phone with actual Instacart live personnel, to have the Shopper call me so I can purchase items not shown on the website. Instacart has promised three times that this will happen. In the last 8 months NO shopper has voluntarily called me.

When I receive a text about a substitute item and respond to "call me !" they do and I am able to order from the Meat, Fish or Deli Departments.I must say here, that I do not have a Smart phone with Apps, so I rely on text or phone. When I am able to speak with Shoppers on the phone, invariably I buy more items, spend more money = Good for Instacart, Shaw's and the Shopper! I have also related this money perspective to Instacart with no change.

I am happy with Shaw's, and the Instacart Shoppers - but I have had it with Instacart.com !

As soon as I find a safe alternative I will be a FORMER Instacart customer. My best hope is that Shaw's will institute a Curbside Pickup Service so I may get the groceries I need and want.

User's recommendation: Unless you are stuck, like I have been, DO NOT USE Instacart !

Location: Morrisville, Vermont

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