Ive had used this service twice, both these times something was wrong. The first time the person didnt understand what I needed, Apple cider was what I needed not apple cider vinegar.

The second was deli roast beef, he asked if I wanted to replace it with bologna. Hmmm. I know very well that the English language is a difficult,

but you should have a good grasp on it. The produce was overripe too!

The second time the shopper picked overripe fruit, some was mouldy, The second thing was mind blowing how someone could make a mistake.

I ordered tote boxes, they always come with the lid, even on picture showed a lid. How could someone forget that? Well he did. And then when I finally found and called the customer service line, they asked me to take a picture, whaaaaaat?

I told the fella what was I supposed to thane a picture of? Then I had to repeat what I said twice. I finally got them to refund me, but that Im not going to hold my breath on.

He asked me if I wanted a refund on my credit card or a credit. I told him Im never using this service again, poof went 99$.

User's recommendation: They’re a SCAM!!! Buyer beware, not worth the time or hassle!!

Instacart Pros: Speed.

Instacart Cons: No response from customer service, Blame drivers, Money loss, Poor service, Poor understanding.

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