Instacart obviously does not screen potential shoppers adequately. The most prevalent of the problems is your lack of insuring their adequate understanding of the English language.

One solution of a number of adequate ones is to hire them thru temp agencies.

The agency would administer an in person Instacart multiple choice test. It would have say 200 of the most common grocery items plus 50 descriptive associated words both of which would appear on the left of the pages. On the right side would be the choices, which would be line drawings or pics. I recommend having say 15 choices for each group of 10 left side items.

Further, I would suggest having at least 10 dated different versions available to the agency online and available each morning.

Each day would have one version of the 10 available to the agency. The version sent by you would be randomly selected.

All of this would be software generated.

I also would t0point out that many, if not most, of your shoppers do not know what is in your 60,000 word Terms of Agreement.

Yes your ... is covered, but you really don't care enough who you hire, thereby offering at least a disservice to your customers.

Location: Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

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