Hello, I have recieved an email about the deactivation of my account two weeks ago but when I replied back there was a misunderstanding. I really hope there is a way to get my account back.

I had an order that I delivered to apartments that had the same exact address and area code. So in the same apartment complex there was a an address with 451 apt 163 and 182 apt 163. I had no idea one apartment complex can have two of the same apartment numbers so I mistakenly delivered it to the wrong apartment, after that I did realize that it was the wrong apartment and I took the item and delivered it to the right apartment but the customer unforutanely did not accept the order saying its too late and declined me in a very rude manor. Even tho the customer might have reported that I never delivered the item in reality I did deliver the item but the customer said they do not want it anymore.

I still have the item in my car with the receipt hoping to have my account activated again and being able to return the item back. If you need proof I have the item in my car and still have the receipt. It was one pack of ziplock bags. I am still very upset about this situation and hoping that the Instacart company is willing to give me a second chance because these type of misunderstandings can happen with anyone.

I really enjoyed working with this company and hoping that you will overlook this situation and reactivate my account.

I am willing to give you more proof if needed. Please get back to whenever its possible.

User's recommendation: Always make sure you delivered to the right address.

Product or Service Mentioned: Instacart Account.

Location: Clovis, California

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