I placed an order something happen and they canceled it with up let me know with that sending me an email it's not that I'm how they pronounced it consumer.com that's not right anyway I'm a senior I'm an active senior but they've got a $150 in my money and I don't think it's right that they just don't care depending on the bank it's like 2 kids on a playground saying you did it know you did it would the fact is this refund could have been avoided and what it comes right down to is insta cart don't care because it's not their money that they lost. The could have called me like they have in the PS when there's something that they didn't understand but nothing so they don't care you wait 7 to 10 days I wonder how you guys and feel if it was your money I guess the position you're in they could have called me to but they didn't.

User's recommendation: go to Wal-Mart.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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