I am a shopper with Instacart, and I am very upset. I have customers who lie about items missing on orders or items being damaged.

I contact customer service because I am tired of being penalized because these customers lie and it affects my ratings and affects me making money. I explained my situation and as usual they don't want to help me. Say they can't do anything and apologize and ask if I need anything else. For example today I contacted customer care and was told the same thing again.

I told them I'm tired of being treated this way when I'm making the biggest risk so that Instacart and I can make money. And for doing this I have customers who lie about their orders and then I get told to report it in the app and a note will be put on my file and then to wait for them to get done investigating and then my ratings will go up and I will get better batches. This isn't fair to me that I have to be punished because the customer is lying. It isn't right that the company I work for would rather punish me due to the customers lies because your loyalty is with the customer.

Its more important to keep them coming back to spend money than it is to take care of your shoppers. I asked the customer service for the contact information to file a complaint.

He lies and tells me there is none and nothing can be done. This is ridiculous and I have filed a complaint with my state.

Product or Service Mentioned: Instacart Customer Care.

Preferred solution: Apology and to be co.

Location: Carrollton, Texas

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