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My home health customer and husband were sitting at home when they received a call from their call box they said hello Linda her husband said no this is Al the lady said Linda he again said no this is Al who is this this is Instacart their elderly they have no idea what Instacart even is until I explained it to them when I explain what Instacart was they then called whoever they thought wouldve sent them groceries possibly. Nobody said they did it couldve been a former neighbor who was friendly or someone they didnt think of they just wanted to know if they could find out who sent the groceries And they were unable to be helped.

Theres no way to look up the deliveries for the day and see who went to this address oh and I forgot to mention after her husband said no this is Al and she said this is Instacart he said Instacart what and the lady just hung up and left she couldve at least come to the door and explain to them such. And such was sending these items to you whoever made the initial order which is unknown instead she left thats the main thing that when they didnt understand what Instacart was she left this mystery delivery driver anyhow I was told nothingCould be done so thats where I left it

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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