Instacart's shoppers do not use masks, nor gloves to shop at Costco. Items have been missing from orders.

Items arrived damaged. Instacart does not replace damaged or missing items, but offers credits instead. Different customer service reps reply each time and do not read the thread of messages, so they are clueless and write nonsense. I tried to deduct a tip for a particularly atrocious delivery and could not do so.

After 24 hour, the orders are removed, and I am unable to access them either through Instacart or Costco accounts. The reps runs circles around messages to get me to give up. I was charged over $3.00 more for an item's list price and all items have significant markups. Instacart claims that Costco effects the surcharge for delivery.

Yet, the information states that delivery is free over $75.00 purchases. Instacart is running a greed driven scam service, all around, and I do not believe that the shoppers get the full tips. I saw a separate, unauthorized and fraudulent charge for $10.00 on an order and flagged it on my Credit card as unauthorized. It was eventually dropped.I believe Instacart tries to see how much they can steal without the customer realizing it.

When placing order, Instacart increased the amount to be debited from the card by several dollars. I am still trying to get a refund of a tip I was unable to remove because 3 items arrived damaged. I sent photographs of the clearly visible damages. I determined I should not reward poor substandard service.

The shopper/driver arrived without a mask or any face covering, nor gloves, as I requested. I hope enough customers file complaints so that Instacart can reorganize its fraudulent and shabby business practices.

Location: Ontario, California

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