So I contacted instacart and I asked him to help me to put the barcode on that check out for the store to be able to scan the barcode and then proceeded to scam the groceries and then faith. And this person I will not give the name , that I was speaking with I asked him/her Do you help me out with a barcode F earring and a check out of the batch, well I didnt go quite well as I thought, because I had the same issue about three weeks ago and when I contacted the Instacart they did help me have the barcode appear on the batch.

This person today was asking for my information so I can pay for two orders with my credit card or debit card which ever you want to collect and I keep repeating myself kindly friendly even though I was frustrated because I wanted to keep going in the liver and make sure the customer is happy this person again asked me like two or three times if Im not mistaken I had to check the screenshots what is your name last name email phone number you name it and Im like you know what forget it because Im like Im not going to pay for two orders I need my credit card or debit card because you chose not to ask a supervisor or a manager on the building youre working from and say this employee needs help with the barcode. So at the end of the day she or he Im not sure cancel the batch it broke my heart but I did not get the help that I needed but its OK. But like I said I did contact instscart for the same reason before and they helped me! This person today didnt!

Easy way was cancel the batch or me paying with my debit or credit card. But its OK thanks happen.

User's recommendation: It should be a way where if the barcode disappears and us to have a way to reappear back on the batch and the checkout that would be fantastic other than that I have no problem with it. To be honest customers are fantastic The worst experience ever had was in February I think it was snowy bad weather and when I delivered I got attacked by a dog but other than that I’m happy with the customers answer card is this psych have the best customers to shop for I love it!!!

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

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