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Lets start by saying I have been working for this company for 6 months now. When i started i thought this was genius!

I loved it, it became my life! I was telling everyone about it. I was looking at this for the longterm.They are the worst, its really too much to write but the overall. Ive been cheated out of,pay, bonuses,guareented pay,tips,hours,i can go on and on.

I have my proof! The app is always crashing when it does they blame you with"reliabilities",due to their *** app. I was suppose to go up for a review because it was at 5. I emailed and tried to go thru the proper steps in frustration ( this was a fulltime job), i did not get a response till the next week, lines were always busy due to the crashes and the "happiness team" ,does nothing but lie and cant help you anyway!

So i finally get a email back saying i will not be forgiven for my reliabilities, even though i had recorded phone calls, email through gmail and help center, and screenshots. These issues were due to their app and not my fault. I tried to take it to a so called supervisor on the phone. She was very rude and non helpful.

She said email. So i emailed. This was the rude response i got i went from 50 to 70 hours a week. To having to pick daily hours ( nothing).

The reliabilities have not been takin off. This is because they would have to give me back pay for their mistakes. Nobody calls back nobody responds. Im still waiting on a response from my first complaint in july, when i was cheated out of my guareentee pay.

You never get a live person on the phone that can resolve the issue. I am so done and considering going to file a complaint with labor board and a good lawyer. I have had atleast 5 friends regrettably join this company, i absolutely loved it when i started. Out of the 5.

4 of us have complaints. I have never worked for a company so rude, unproffesional and cheats!

I am dissapointed. I recently signed on to shipt, hoping they care about their customers and they call their independent contractors , EMPLOYEES!

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I work with him for a year they deactivated me for no reason at all I was in the top 10 fastest shoppers and all of my reviews are good and deliveries were on time or early I'm going to contact an attorney for the illegal deactivation everyone needs to spread the word about this crooked company if they're going to do this when you make sure they lose business

to Anonymous #1553908

You're an independent contractor, and if you read the agreement you signed to work with them, it clearly states you can be terminated at ANY TIME.


Omg u and I have the exact same problem!! We should all get together and begin a lawsuit for our promised pay we NEVER received. They almost got me evicted twice for not being able to pay my rent!


I just want to say don’t feel bad, I am just getting emails now responded to that were marked urgent over eight weeks ago. Horrible and poor customer service for independent contractors.


Ppl do lie...all the time (customers)

If the contractors say they don't carry a item in stock or its bot available and refund. Then they shouldn't be allowed to say missing items.

Do more to protect the contractors instead of customers. Who gonna deliver these orders

to Danny #1387354

I absolutly agree. I now have no hours with instacart due to their negligence!

I have signed up with shipt and Amazon flex! Working out great! I also noticed there was a decline i.

Customers orders for instacart!! i call it instakarma!!!

to Danny #1481934

yes something but not that happened to me when I had to replace an out of stock item with a very similar item and scanned it through the app. I replaced the Excedrin geltabs the store did not have with caplets, put it through the app and they marked it wrong item.

I've also had customers straight up lie about missing items, presumably because they had thought the item was bogo and when I informed them before I delivered it was not bogo, they said only get 1. and then reported it missing.

to Danny #1486487


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