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Update by user Feb 11, 2018

I ordered 3 pounds of grapes. Noylan replaced it w 2.

Today, I relized it was really 1 pound. So, he could have gotten three 1 pound packages. I sent a message because I can't deal w talking to these people, and if I get someone reasonable, someone else reverses the good that they do. Also, I forgot to say the wonderful shopper who fixed some of the damage that Noylan did told me that she didn't even know she had a job to do.

She told me they need to have a tutorial or something. It seems there is no training at all. The people on the phone except Cara and one other girl I spoke to were horrible, and not thinking about hanging onto the customer. That's for sure.

No long term plan for getting return custumers. What a mess!

Original review posted by user Feb 10, 2018

They need to be more honest w their customers and train their INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS. They keep saying tipping is optional.

No it isn't. They don't pay the people. They are independent contractors. Also, once they told me the service fee goes to the shoppers.

Also, not true. I asked them and they told me don't get any of it. At 1st the people on the phone were telling me they get paid like servers in a restaurant. Actually, no they don't.

They don't get anything. SO INSTACART-STOP SAYING TIPPING IS OPTIONAL. START SAYING THAT TIPPING IS MANDITORY AND THAT YOU DON'T PAY THE SHOPPERS AND DRIVERS FOR ANYTHING!!!! That's the reason that they start harassing you right away for the tip one second after your stuff is delivered.

Yesterday, I had a 19 year old shopper who really messed up. First off, he said that the most important thing I wanted which I know is always at the store wasn't there. So, I chose a replacement, but he didn't get it. He refunded me.

I also wrote notes under things like, if this spinich isn't washed don't get it, get the bagged one. However, he got both. Instead of getting a bag of tangerines which the store says was there he substitued 4 oranges. I wrote a note under the blueberries saying if these are bad, don't get them, but he got them.

He got me a zuchinni instead of a cucumber. The list goes on... Anyway, I called and I got some rude guy so I asked to speak to the manager and I got the floor manager named Terri who was even worse, not a person who should be working in customer service. I couldn't deal w the guy so I hung up before everything was settled.

Then I called back and got an angel named Cara. She said she would take the dirty $1.33 spinich off of the bill, and they would redeliver the next day, today replacing the rotten blueberries, the zuchinni, and finally bringing the yogurt I knew was there and I would not be charged. However, I was charged for the yogurt and the dirty $1.33 spinich was never taken off my bill. So, I called, got an unpleasent person again.

I can see going back on their word for the yogurt, but they could have taken the dirty spinich back. Cara said she could understand the meaning of my note. The next person said it was confusing. What is confusing about, I don't want dirty spinich?

If it isn't clean, get the bagged one? It's their mistake! The guy didn't read the notes. That's the issue.

It's $1.33. Clearly, they don't own the company. I have 2 apartments and I have gotten 2 large orders from them on 2 different accounts. Both messed up.

The 1st one wasn't as messed up. They just charged me for something I didn't get. When I went to tip the person who brought the missing item, they wanted to charge me again, so I gave up, and felt guilty. I gave the 19 year old a much smaller tip than I usually would cuz of the whole mess and I wanted to explain why, but I guess the system recognized a problem and didn't give me a chance to rate or say anything.

I don't think the person who designed the website graduated high school. That or they don't speak English. This is the message I got after leaving the tip; You have submitted your requests. We will reach out to you shortly if you experienced any issue.

1st- I didn't submit a request, I left a tip. 2nd- They should let me finish w the process to find out if I experienced an issue, and let me say what it was.

Or listen to the phone recordings of me talking to their incompetent and rude customer service people. I thought I would save time and energy by using this service because I'm physically limited, but I guess not.

Product or Service Mentioned: Instacart Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $57.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Cara, Cara in customer service.

I didn't like: Terri foor manger, Dishonesty regarding payment of shoppers, Not getting answers to delivery cost questions, Unetichal customer service, Shopper did not read my notes and i was charged for 2 items.

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You see if they actually provided training to an independent contractor that would mean that they’re actually in employee. My only hiring people as independent contractors, the company gets to save on taxes, and training costs.

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