Good afternoon- This morning I had selected an order with two deliveries. I was able to arrive at the store, complete the shopping, check out and delivery to the first customer.

After that point, the app would not let me select that I even arrived at his residence or complete that I had given him his items. I immediately began to chat with customer service and let them know what was happening. Customer service refused to give me the address of the second drop off and left the chat without a resolution. So I was left after a half an hour with melted groceries in my car.

I tried again to talk with another customer service rep who provided the same kind of service, with no resolution and also left the chat without giving me any address or area to drop off the second customers order. I tried a THIRD time and received absolutely no reply about the issue this time. I have sent screenshot with the error to the first two reps. I noted that the second customers order would have to be reshopped at delivered because at that point it was trash.

Now it has been about 5/6 hours after the fact and customer service is messaging me and calling me telling me that I need to complete it. I STILL DO NOT HAVE AM ADDRESS TO THIS ORDER and I refuse to deliver her groceries that are now trash hours later. I have a damn near perfect reputation with my Instacart deliveries and customers and this has now affected that. Im absolutely disgusted with the responses I have received today and the lack of help or care for not only your drivers, but the actual customer as well.

This has definitely changed my view on this company and I am ashamed to have worked for you guys. Stop calling me and correct your own issues.

Location: South Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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