So yesterday my order was supposed to be here between 4-6 go text running last will be here at 6:45 at 7:30 still not here I tried to cancel couldnt do it on like forgot my password and account locked ... called canceled order and this the 2nd day having a problem getting my order the before the guy kept texting me out stock items and he couldnt find somethings so I cancelled that order that was on Tuesday ..

reordered for Wednesday and had to cancel at at almost 8:00 pm still not here .. reordered for today Christmas Eve day and here it is 9:00 pm still not here got a text not going to come until after Christmas... my order was actually for Christmas presents ... I just cant believe this ..

I have no problem getting an order that was almost $200 but unfortunately the cheaper orders are over looked at maybe the tips not as big ..

little do they know I always tip and then tip again upon delivery ... someone needs to figure out a better system

Location: Berkeley, California

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